Buy Made-in-Ghana, make Ghanaian worker happy

  • Nduom declares on May Day

As Ghana marked this year’s Ma Day last Monday, Dr Nduom, who is also the President of Groupe Nduom, asserted that such days would be meaningful when deliberate efforts are made to promote the interest of the Ghanaian worker.THE 2016 Flag bearer or the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, has urged Ghanaians to patronize made-in-Ghana goods to encourage the Ghanaian worker.

May Day

May Day is a public holiday usually celebrated on May 1 to recognize the contributions of workers to economies around the world.

In Ghana, thousands of workers, both in the private and the public sectors, observed the day with parades across the country, during which they drew government’s attention to pertinent issues affecting the Ghanaian worker.

The President, Nana Akufo-Addo, later addressed the populace and assured workers of better conditions of service, while urging them to work harder.

Made in Ghana

However in a Facebook post to mark the day last Monday, the successful entrepreneur asked Ghanaians to “imagine what would happen if we all bought ‘Made-in-Ghana.’  There would be more jobs, bigger and more profitable companies, more tax revenue to the government and our people would enjoy a higher quality of life.”

In his view, Ghanaians ought to make sure the school feeding and any such state-sponsored programme use food items grown and processed in Ghana.

He said state-owned enterprises must only buy goods and services produced in the country and be allowed to import only on exceptional basis.

At least, he said, 40 per cent of major infrastructure contracts must go to indigenous companies.

Tax mandate

The government, according to Dr Nduom, must use its tax mandate to give a competitive edge to local goods and services.

The state, he further said, must check the abuse of free zone permits by companies who turn around to dump products on our local markets to the disadvantage of others.

“This will require guts and a determination to fight off threats from those who represent external interests.

“Imagine what will happen on May Day 2017!

So this is just a follow-up.  I am still on the same point.  Where are we?  What are we doing to make it necessary for everyone to buy made-in-Ghana?” he quizzed.