Check these motor riders


FOR sometime now the Police have had cause to pursue commercial drivers to compel them to obey the law.  The effort of the Police also helps to bring sanity on our roads and lorry parks.

Though they deserve some commendation, the Police have left unchecked motor riders whose activities are quite scary.

Some of the motor riders operate as armed robbers and phone snatchers.  They operate mostly at night as well as the early hours of the morning.

They have a simple modus operandi – drive close a bystander, pull out a gun or a sharp knife and ask for mobile phone/s, money and any valuables.

This is done in less than two minutes.  Any resistance attracts their wrath were they pounce on the victim and use the knife to inflict injuries.

The police do not seem to check these motor riders.

They are seen riding their motors without helmets and carrying passengers who do not also wear helmets.  Some of the motors are rugged and not road worthy.

Last Thursday a journalist was attacked while trying to catch a taxi at dawn to go to work.  Her attackers wielded knives.

Please the Police should work swiftly to curb the menace of these armed robbers who operate using motorbikes to attack people at night.

By Francis Mensah
Box P.k, 7
Pkukrom, Ahanti Region