Diseases You Didn’t Know Could Be Deadly


Measles:  if you’re still afraid of vaccinations, it’s time to cross over to reality and get your kid to a doctor.  In the wake of the anti-vaccination push, many children are now exposed to unnecessary risks when going to school.  One of those risks is measles, a disease largely eradicated or suppressed in modern America.  But outbreaks are happening, and they can kill.

Syphilis:  The dreaded STD syphilis, which is spread via a bacterium in bodily fluids, can be deadly if not treated.  Typically, syphilis can be dealt with promptly and effectively with modern treatments.  It’s when you ignore it that things get ugly.

Lyme disease:  Another disease caused by a bacterial infection and typically spread by ticks, Lyme disease can leave you feeling like hell with headaches, fevers, rashes, and more.  If left untreated, infections can actually spread to your internal organs and nervous system, creating a whole host of new problems.  Eventually, it may kill you.  The cure is a track of antibiotics, though a bout with the illness is no fun at all.

Lupus:  Lupus isn’t an illness most people worry about, but it’s out there, and even celebrities come down with a case now and then.  It’s a chronic autoimmune disease that causes your body to attack itself and leaves nasty rashes and other physical signs.  The worst part is there isn’t a cure, but there are numerous treatment options that can help keep it under control.  If left alone, though, it can be fatal.

Psoriasis:  Psoriasis might just look like a gnarly skin condition, but like so many other nasty illnesses, if you are reluctant to act when symptoms appear, you might end up paying for it with your life.  While it usually just requires some visits to a doctor and standard treatments, psoriasis can neutralize your body’s immune system and leave you vulnerable to infections – which is what ends up killing some patients.

Asthma:  asthma is a fairly common condition and is easily treatable and controllable with certain drugs.  Patients usually have their inhalers handy and simply avoid environmental triggers to steer clear of any complications.  But it’s a serious problem, and failure to treat it as such can be fatal.

Parkinson’s disease:  We know some famous figures, like Michael J.   Fox and Muhammed Ali, for example, have been able to handle Parkinson’s disease for many years.  For that reason, it might seem like it’s not a very serious or deadly malady – but that’s a misnomer.  Parkinson’s alone won’t kill you immediately, but can rapidly weaken your body and make it easier for you to succumb to other maladies.  For older patients, Parkinson’s can create a host of problems, like muscle freezing, that may lead to death given the right circumstances.