GPHA should stop this out-moded Security Practices


Dear Editor,

I copied your email address from a businessman who chartered my taxi from Aflao to GPHA in Tema and was reading your newspaper.  I saw that people have written to you about their concern so I also decided to write to you about my own.

I was shocked and speechless last week Monday when a prominent businessman chartered my taxi cab, in-and-out from Aflao to conduct a business at the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) headquarters in Tema.

Upon reaching the premises about 200 metres away from the main entrance I heard many shouts from left and right and behind me, hey, hey, hey, stop, stop, no entry for taxi.

Suddenly, more than 5 security personnel came and surrounded with my car and asked me to turn back quickly from the premises because it is no entry to the taxi cars to the surprise of the businessman and myself.

After several hot verbal exchanges with them they succeeded in not allowing me to drop the businessman at the entrance of the GPHA which is about 100 metres away from where we were standing, even though there is a vast road passing the main entrance to the other end where you can safely drop someone and return without causing any traffic block and private cars were seen doing same.

My question here is, is that practice to prevent terrorist or what?  If that is their motive, was the almighty World Trade Centre (WTC) terrorists attack done by people in a taxi car?  What about the one happened in France, Germany, etc?  All these places were not blasted by people using taxi cars.

From GPHA, we went to Tema Oil Refinery (TOR), Ghana Petroleum Company (GNPC) which stocks the highest National Explosionable products (Oil or Petrol) but we were not met with such acake security retrain.  I dropped the businessman at the very entrance of these high sensitive companies with happiness.

At this 21st Century where business thrive with good customer services, one cannot think far to meet such barbaric treatment metted out to a very prominent businessman who has visited the country for first time to transact businesses with the Port Authorities.

I would suggest that it would be proper if they erect a small barrier at about 100 metres away from the main entrance and check inside taxi cars that come there with their customers if they suspect any evil doing by people using taxi cabs.

Thank you.

By:  Emmanuel Kwablah

Taxi car No. ER 2267-14

Aflao Border.