IMAH will leverage Technology to boost healthcare delivery.


Management of the Ghana ports and Harbors Authority (GPHA) says information technology (It) will be at the center of the international Maritime Hospital

According to them, information technology has been very helpful to the healthcare sector, hence would be used by management to ensure efficient and timely service delivery to patients who visit the hospital.

Dr. Vitus Anaab – bisi, head of medicals at GPHA, disclosed this at a the training  programme  for GPHA IT staff, consultants from Egypt and their local partners in Ghana to develop a management information system software for the hospital

We are in a world of IT and if you look at every process that is going to take place in the hospital, we are place in the hospital, we are talking about IT.

Records are not going to be manual anymore, even starting from the registration of the patient, we do biometric registration and all going all these will quick start the process and then patient process, workflow itself is all going to be done through IT connectively, you are talking about from the records, the doctors, the nurses are all going to get information straight online, he said

One example of a significant advancement that IT has provided to hospitals is the development of electronic medical records (EMR) this technology can convert medical information into a single database

Not only does this technology reduce paper costs, it allows healthcare providers so access pertinent patient information such as medical history, medications, insurance information, etc. with just the click of a mouse

Mercy Omari Tenkorang, CEO of DEVAPPS limited, commanded GHPA‘s for adopting the use of IT at the state of the art facility.

In the times in which we are we believe that ICT is a tool that empowers a lot of organization in being very agile in the things they do and a hospital of this nature, making ICT the core of the operations i believed it’s something that we need to congratulate GPHA and the IMAH team.

This software is going to empower them to really respond to their customers quicker and have proper records keeping, if we compare to the traditional hospital that we have, she said. The software consultants, compact soft international after being taken on tour of the hospital said they were impressed about GHPA’s commitment to improve health care delivery to its staff and the public.