Inesfly Africa Determined To Expand


By William Yaw Owusu:

INESFLY AFRICA, one of the fast growing providers of insecticides, says it is strengthening its partnership with the state institutions to rid the country of insect-induced diseases that has negatively affected the health bill of the country.
The company said it was in talks with state institutions like Ghana Education Service (GES), some public universities, prison service among others, to help rid the various places of insects.
It has assembled wide range of insecticide products that provide safe and affordable methods of beautifying the home and the office environment and protecting families from insects, pests and diseases.
At soiree in Accra on Wednesday, CEO of Inesfly Africa Micheal Sjodin, said like products like interior and exterior paint designed to repel insects from homes, floor cleaners, body repellents, bed bugs solution, car solutions, among others, are currently on high demand.
These insects are the main transmitters of diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chagas, diseases and many others. Worldwide, the World Health Organization estimate that more than 3 billion people with diseases transmitted by these insect we are determined to help the authorities to solve the current problems using our products.”
David Afugani, Sales Director of Inesfly Africa said, “With no side effects, Inesfly products will drastically reduce the amount of insects such as mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches in your direct surroundings and immediately improve your living conditions as well as your health and hygiene conditions”.

He said that “the company uses a new technology called polymeric microcapsules that allows the insecticides within all the products to be released in a gradual and slow manner into spaces and therefore it prolongs what I call the active duration of the ingredients whilst remaining totally safe and harmless to humans and pests”.
“Inesfly Insecticide Paint will keep your residence ,office, factory, warehouse or manholes free of insects for a period of up to two years, while also giving your building a beautiful look with our wide selection or paint colors,” he said.
He said  Inesfly Africa is the first insecticide paint company in both Nigeria and Ghana, saying “We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with       service unmatched by your competitors. “All our products are health- friendly, approved by the World Health Organisation [WHO]. We also offer excellent after-sales services.”