Law Professor Advocates Limitations Of Pres’s Powers


LAW Professor, Prof Henry Kwasi Prempeh has advocated a review of the 1992 Constitution as it gives enormous power to the president without limitations.
According to him, it would be important and necessary for the review to be done as it will help limit the actions of politicians when they assume power.
Speaking at a high-level panel discussion on the ongoing constitutional review exercise to examine the theoretical justifications for the review, progress and the regress, Prof. Prempeh pointed out that “Ghana’s 1992 constitution has become highly permissive, making it easier for politicians to take over and manipulating policies to their benefit”.
He cited an example where the constitutions allowed the government to create more offices, appoint more ministers without limitation or crate more ministries without any law or rule stopping them and without recourse to parliament.
“The presidents in this part of the world regardless of their own personal dispositions have huge power, they become monarchs of all that they survey and look actually quiet monarchical in the way in which they exercise power and there’s very little to stop them.
“We’ve seen for example huge expansions of governments, where presidents have no limit so the constitution is also profligate, as a result of this the president’s power has caused the constitution to become profligate which means the constitution is very expensive to actually operate.
“We have a constitution that allows the size of government to grow
infinitely, absolutely without limit and crate more and more offices as long as the president wants more offices to be created.
“A typical example is the case of President Nana Akufo-Addo appointing a total number of 110 ministers’ who are serving in his administration, the highest in the country’s history.
Out of the total of 110, 20 are regional ministers and their deputies, 40 ministers for various ministries with 50 deputies, until something is done to review and amend the constitution, Ghanaians will continue to witness cases like this and there is the need to support the constitutional review.
“I think that the answer to these questions leaves me with no option than
to support constitutional review”, Prof Prempeh insisted.