TRIBUTE: By Business Journal TO : Late Mr. Patel, M.D, Tema Steel Works Ltd.



Late Mr. Manubhai Patel, Managing Director of Tema STEEL Works Ltd, used to be my first point of Contacts each time I am doing a media Coverage on the Steel industry

I heard about his death just last week Wednesday when I was on my usual media assignment to interview him about current state of affairs in the Steel industry.  Mr. V. L. Ravi Managing Director of Ghana told me in his office, Paul!, don’t go there because the man has passed on, oh! Oh!! Oh!!!, I exclaimed.  Too sad, life is curtained.

Late Mr. Patel was media friendly, approachable and courageous too.  He gives out information with alacrity.

Any time there is an issue in the Steel industry and I go to him in his office at the top corner there for an interview, he will take his time and give you all the facts you may need and add with a smile, “my brother go and write everything I have told you and please don’t forget to mention my name”.  This is my industry “Steel industry” so I know what I am talking about and whatever I have given you is the true state of affairs in the industry, so why should I hide my identity? He will ask.

When he is busy he will ask his male Secretary to serve you with some snack or tea, as a means to entertain you whiles waiting for him.

Very soft spoken but tough man with traits of wisdom in his delivery.  I will forever remember him whenever I attempt to do special coverage on the steel industry.

May his soul rest in peace.