US commits to support corruption Eradication


The United States Ambassador, Robert P. Jackson, has reiterated his country’s commitment to support Ghana to undertake reforms and policies geared towards eradicating corruption from the public sector.

He said since corruption is one the main challenges to the development of any nation and the attainment of sustainable development, there was the need for transformational leadership.

He, therefore, called for an aggressive action to deal effectively with canker and ensure a corruption-free society.

Mr. Jackson called for the passage of the Right to Information Bill to facilitate the process.

He made this known in Accra, on Tuesday, at the launch of Corporate Governance Initiative organized by Krif Ghana in collaboration with Action Chapel International and the United States Embassy.

The event was held on the theme: “Accelerating Ghana’s Development through Transparency and Integrity- From Talk to Action.”

He assured that the US and other donor partners would provide the necessary support to Ghana in realizing its vision of combating corruption and enhance good governance for accelerated national development.

He urged the Government to take steps to improve transparency in public procurement to ensure quality access to goods and services.

He said in ensuring transparency, there should be a public procurement website that would allow the public access government contracts procurement process and also allow people to make complaints through the site.

He said: “In ensuring lasting economic and sustainable transformation, we need societal transformation and the citizens need to say we‘re tired of continuing doing things this way, we’re tired of paying bribes for services from our tax stocks.”

Mr. Jackson observed that to fight corruption in the country, there should be an independent judiciary with both human and logistical resources.  To administer justice and prosecute cases expeditiously.

He said the private sector must also play a significant role in combating corruption by putting anti- corruption measures in place to discourage the practice.

He said the US would support businesses in the country towards realizing the vision of a corruption- free society.

He urged the civil society organizations, the media, the religious leaders and the public to contribute towards building a culture that frowned on corruption and ensuring a lasting change.

Mr. Jackson advised the public to continue holding their leaders to a high governance standard while the leaders show that they care about their citizens by providing better jobs for the people.