Watch out! Criminals on the loose


AROUND 10p.m. last Saturday evening, driving on the top part of the Kwame Nkrumah Circle interchange, heading towards New Times Corporation, a motor rider suddenly appeared at my side making gestures which suggested to me I did something wrong.

I knew I did nothing wrong, because I usually hardly change lanes when I’m driving and couldn’t have wrongly crossed him or anything.  I refused to stop or roll down to hear whatever he was saying.

I kept driving and he appeared infuriated and kept on with his intimidating gestures, perhaps, wanting me to stop.  As I suspected, he went ahead of me at top speed and stopped at Fan Milk Ltd.  Normally any driver will stop as well, and seek to engage him.  Not me.

I had planned to drive on to the Kaneshie Police Station to see if he would follow me there.

Eventually, he suspected where I was heading to and turned around and sped off.

I have had a bitter experience when a rider followed me claiming I knocked him, and from nowhere he crossed me with a police officer at his back seat.  He pointed a gun at me in traffic till I took a detour to a nearby police station.

They ended up extorting GH₵600 from me which they claimed was the cost of treatment in the subsequent days.

Please don’t stop when any motor rider seeks your attention the way they did to me.

You could be incapacitated and your car snatched.

Be smart.